The Difference between a Malibu Detox Center and Rehab Center

When people talk about a detox and rehab or recovery center, they often use the terms interchangeably. In reality, they are really two different types of treatment, although they are often found in the same treatment center in Malibu or across the country.


Detox, more correctly known as detoxification, is the first step in recovery. A detox center can be a separate building or even a hospital where people may stay for two or more days and sometimes up to ten days or two weeks.

Some of the more exclusive rehabilitation centers may have their own detox center on their campus. In this situation, the facility will also have its own medical staff to complete the intake exam and to monitor the detox period.

Depending on the type of substances present at the time of admission, the patient may have mild discomfort to extremely serious and even life-threatening issues during detox. When the symptoms are mild or non-life threatening the patient may actually complete the detox under supervision in their own room.

However, if the client has a combination of drugs and alcohol or has a long history of alcohol abuse, around the clock medical supervision may be required in a specific detox center. For these patients, medications can also be prescribed to help reduce the physical and psychological impact of the withdrawal from the substance or substances.

Recovery and Rehab

In the best Malibu rehab and recovery centers, the patients will begin therapy and group activities as soon as possible. This may include during the detox period if the client is able to participate.

This is the second and longer phase of recovery, typically known as rehab. In this phase, the client will be expected to participate in specific therapies and treatments and also choose from other optional therapies to reconnect their body, mind and spirit.

Holistic treatment facilities offer some amazing therapies including working with horses, learning new skills like kayaking or surfing, as well as learning meditation, yoga and nutritional health and fitness.

Many of the top facilities also provide music, art and creative writing therapy, all designed to help clients to learn to express themselves in a variety of ways. Additionally, during this time, clients will meet one-on-one with mental health professionals and addiction specialists to learn new, effective coping strategies for when they leave the rehab center.

Patients at our detox center and rehab facility will experience the beauty of our campus and our holistic approach to treatment. To learn more about Serenity Malibu see us online at

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