Importance of Family in Healing From Addiction

What few people realize is that everyday family experiences can act as an important source of healing when it comes to substance abuse. Studies examining the effectiveness of family support networks for drug addicts did reveal that family has a means of enabling people to “kick the habit” so to speak by creating a more accepting and familiar environment where the process of healing can begin. However, there is still a limited understanding of how family can act as a social support for recovery, and this is why this article will delve into this topic. It’s important for you to be aware of how family relations, bonds and love can go a long way towards helping you realize the need to overcome your addiction and pursue a life free from drug dependence.

Integrating Family into the Healing Process

Creating a means to enable family members to help a person with a substance abuse issue is actually not that difficult to implement. If a family member was placed in a Malibu addiction treatment center, then all a family would need to do is visit that person on a bi-weekly basis. The importance of this act comes in helping the patient realize that they are not alone, that there are people that care for them and love them, and that these people are there to assist them once they get out of rehab.

Is this Method Effective?

Using family as a means of enabling substance abuse recovery is still in doubt, given the lack of sufficient understanding behind the proper establishment of standard practices. The fact remains that whatever power family may have in terms of enabling patient recovery has yet to be properly studied. Simply put, rehab centers know that such a process works, since they often promote the use of family as a means of building up the concept of the “self” in patients, and integrate family relations into standard recovery processes. However, they are still uncertain as to how this creates a psychological change that enables a person to get better faster than someone that doesn’t have family to rely on.

Overall, the potential that family holds as a means of enabling substance abusers to recover is great. If you have a family member in a rehab center, visit them, talk to them, and tell them that there are people that love them. You will be surprised at just how well they can recover with such support and words in mind.

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