The Risk of Not Preparing Your Estate for When You Pass Away

People often do not plan out their estate because they either feel that there is plenty of time or they do not own enough property. Sometimes, an individual does not feel they need a written document allocating their estate after their death and expressing their final wishes verbally to a family member will ensure the right person obtains the property. However, this could not be further from the truth and why it is important to hire an estate planning lawyer in Moline, IL. You are never too young to start preparing for the future and consulting with an attorney on how you want your property distributed upon your death.

Danger of Not Organizing Your Property

  • If the final wishes for your estate are not legally documented, it places your property at risk of being distributed according to the state‚Äôs inheritance laws.
  • The wrong person might inherit your property instead of the individual you intended to be the beneficiary.
  • An estate planning lawyer in Moline, IL can help a family member such as a minor child or disabled loved one is financially taken care of after you pass away. This might not happen if you do not establish a document stating that you wish for them to inherit a bulk of your estate.
  • A majority of the estate can be consumed by court fees and taxes if a family member disagrees on who will inherit the property.

Avoid Disagreements and High Court Fees by Consulting with an Attorney

David J. Franks Attorney at Law offers the personalized care that each client requires when preparing for the future. With over 20 years of expertise in planning estates, you can obtain the knowledge and skills required to adequately prepare your estate no matter how large or small it is.

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