The Lemon Law In Texas

Texas, along with virtually every other state has a lemon law that is designed to protect new car buyers against cars that have a chronic problem that simply cannot be repaired. The law may not have any impact on the actual vehicle but it most certainly affords protection for the unfortunate buyer.

The Texas lemon law is similar to the laws in other states. Basically the law says that if you purchased a new car and it turns out to have defects that cannot be repaired and the defect is covered by warranty, you can either get a refund of your purchase price or a new car that is substantially the same. It sounds pretty simple, but the truth is, Texas lemon laws are complex and very strict. The wise new car buyer will start keeping accurate records right from the day the car is delivered.

What is the lemon law in Texas?

There a few different standards employed in Texas, these include the number of attempts to repair the same defect, whether the defect is such that it poses a threat to life and limb and whether the car has been unavailable to the owner for a significant number of days.

Four repair attempts:

In the first two years from the date of delivery there must have been two attempts in the first year and two in the second to repair the same problem.
In the case of a serious hazard in the first year the car was in once and once again during the second year.

Thirty days out of service:

The car may be declared a lemon if it was out of service for 30 days in total in the first two years after delivery

And there were two attempts made to repair the defect in the first year and finally, the dealer failed to provide you with a loaner while your car was in the shop.

With the complexity of the Texas lemon law many owners facing the problem opt for hiring a seasoned lemon law lawyer.

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