The Importance of Keeping a Home Heating Oil Tank At Least Half Full

Leaving a liquid propane gas (LPG) tank for home heating less than half full generally does not cause any problems, but that’s not necessarily the case with a tank of Home Heating Oil. Suppliers strongly recommend having the tank topped off when it reaches the half-empty mark. Homeowners on a keep-fill contract basis have this done automatically, as a delivery driver brings oil frequently enough to maintain higher amounts. There’s a financial advantage with this strategy also. Keep-fill contracts usually offer a lower price per gallon than the norm. Also, deliveries are relatively small compared to waiting until the tank is almost empty and then calling for a full delivery. That makes the heating bills smaller for each delivery and easier to manage.

The main problem with allowing a Home Heating Oil tank’s level to drop too low is that condensation can develop inside as the weather turns warmer and humid. Although it may seem counterintuitive, water is denser than oil, and it will sink to the bottom. That condensation is corrosive to the metal of the tank and can eventually cause a leak. Homeowners may not want to spend money on oil in spring or summer, but that’s the best strategy if the tank level is low. The oil will be fine until the next heating season arrives, and it protects the interior of the tank from corrosion. At an absolute minimum, will-call customers should order delivery before the tank’s gauge reaches the quarter-fill mark.

More advantages can be achieved with this method. Having a company such as Superior Fuel make a final delivery in spring almost always means getting fuel for some of the lowest prices of the year. Heating oil prices rise as temperatures plummet and demand increases. The reverse happens in late spring; those lower prices last through early fall and typically start to rise again later in autumn. People who prefer to call for delivery can check oil prices every week and buy when prices drop to a suitable level once winter is over. Please visit the website website name to learn more about this particular oil delivery service.

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