Factors To Consider With 1GBPS Servers

There are many different businesses and home offices that require heavy use of the internet. For those companies, startups and entrepreneurs, moving from Fast Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet and 1GBPS servers is a very smart business decision.

While the technology of gigabit ethernet is not new, having at least a decade of application, it is only now becoming cost-effective for many businesses, particularly small or home businesses, to consider.

The Advantages

With any internet system, there are a variety of factors that can impact the speed and efficiency of the system. For example, upgrading to 1GBPS servers and gigabit ethernet will not necessarily make your website load pages faster or even to upload or download from the net, this will actually be limited by bandwidth connection.

The exception to this would be in the case of multiple users. With the advantages of increased ethernet and server capacities, multiple users and devices would not slow down the system, ultimately providing the same page and upload and download times regardless of the traffic.


When there is a need for a lot of storage and data usage, the 1GBPS servers provide that capacity without the need for multiple connected servers. With just one server there are lower costs whether you have your own server or if you are using a hosted service.

Hosting Service Benefits

The most obvious benefit to using a hosting service is the maintenance, upgrading and even replacement of the server is not a cost your company has to consider. For a home office or a small business, maintaining, securing and monitoring the server is typically not possible, resulting in increased downtime and serious possible security risks if upgrades, patches and fixes are not applied for known vulnerabilities.

Consider the benefits of upgrading your server along with the cost and technology benefits of using a hosting service. This will allow you to determine if this upgrade provides the benefits your business requires now as well as in the future.

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