Reducing Costly Downtime Caused By Machine Repair

Companies, no matter how efficient and durable their machines are will suffer at some point from enforced downtime. This is usually the result of the need for machine repair work. This can prove to be costly for your plant in Minneapolis. It is important to work with your maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) experts to reduce the duration your machines will stop and your employees will be idle.

Machine Repair

Machines will require repair. This means you will have to shut down or reduce the production line handled by this specific machine. However, if you and your MRO are proactive, you can reduce the extent of what can be a costly process. You can prevent premature and extended machine-related downtime.

Actions to Reduce Machine Repair

To keep downtime to a minimum, it is important to:

  • Purchase durable machinery made to last. By dealing with credible companies with a reputation for quality and reliability, you can ensure the machinery will operate according to specifications and standards
  • Buy machinery that suits the required tasks. If necessary, contact a shop about customized design, fabrication and assembly. This is a sure way of obtaining equipment that is purpose-made
  • Make certain the employees who operate the machinery are trained to do so correctly. Failure to do so can result in a machine becoming worn out before it normally would do so
  • Ensure your MRO are experts in addressing any issues concerning the machinery
  • Put in place a regular maintenance schedule. This will include a close inspection of the machinery and its components on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Perform an annual inspection. This one needs to be thorough and may involve the consultation of or working with the original manufacturer of the machinery to ensure the procedure addresses everything
  • Have fast access to the required parts

By following these actions, you can reduce the excessive amount of downtime machine repair can cause.

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