The Importance of a Streak-free Glass Cleaner

Glass is one of the most useful and underrated substances in existence. It has a wide variety of uses, from the mundane to the critically important, and most of those uses involve taking advantage of the transparent property of glass. Unfortunately, that transparent property is diminished when glass gets dirty, or when it is left streaked from an ineffective cleaner. A steak-free glass cleaner can solve this problem, assuming it is practical and safe for the particular application.

Glass is Everywhere
When one thinks of glass, they often think first of something like a window or a drinking glass, and while these are certainly common uses for glass, they are just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine life without eyeglasses (or sunglasses), light bulbs, mirrors, cell phones, bottles, and more. Glass is also still used in the manufacture of electrical and medical equipment, not to mention laboratory equipment.

The Importance of Clear Windows
One of the places people see the most glass is in windows, whether they are home windows, office windows, or the windshield or side windows of a car. It is implied that a window is something to be looked through, so a smeared, dirty or streaked window is not really serving its full purpose. In the case of a car window or a window installed for security monitoring purpose, the obstructed vision created by dirt or smearing can lead to dangerous situations.

Cleaning Glass with a Streak-free Glass Cleaner
The obvious solution to dirty glass, particularly glass in windows, is to clean it. Unfortunately, sometimes this doesn’t solve the problem, or can even make it worse. Not every cleaner is alike, and some cleaners leave a residue that can create streaks that might be more obstructive than the original dirt. A specialized streak-free glass cleaner is the answer to this, but not all of these are created equal, either.

There are different degrees of streak prevention, so one must be careful to find the best product that leaves the least streaks. An ideal streak-free glass cleaner would be safe to use on a variety of surfaces. It would be alcohol and ammonia free, and able to be used on electronic components. An environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and affordable cleaner is welcome for almost any application.

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