Your Questions Answered About Visiting A Copper Recycling Company in Baltimore MD

Individuals who sell scrap copper are helping the environment while putting money in their pockets. If you’ve never recycled copper before, you may have questions about the recycling process. Read the information below to learn about taking scrap copper to a Copper Recycling Company in Baltimore MD.

Q.) What are some things individuals should know when they recycle copper?

A.) After gathering scrap copper, individuals should sort the different types of copper into separate bins. The various types of copper include copper solids and non-solids, copper wire and copper alloys. Types of copper alloys, which are other metals that are mixed with copper, include bronze and brass. Solid copper is the purest form of copper and individuals will receive the most money for this type of scrap copper. Individuals who have multiple kinds of copper wire should also sort these into different bins. Copper wire is commonly found in electrical cords, telephone cables and appliances. People who sort their scrap copper before dropping it off at the recycling center will receive a higher price that those who have it all mixed together.

Q.) What should individuals expect when they take their scrap copper to the recycling center?

A.) Individuals should load their scrap copper into a truck and bring it to the recycling facility. People who have a large amount of scrap copper and other metals often transport the copper to the facility on a trailer. Some recycling companies have a pick-up service for people who don’t have a way to bring their metals to the scrap yard. Upon arrival at the copper recycling company in Baltimore MD, individuals will have to weigh their scrap copper at the recycling facility before it’s unloaded. After weighing each different type of metal separately and adding up the total amount, the recycling company pays the individual the current market value price for the scrap.

When you’re ready to sell your scrap copper for money, visit Mid-Atlantic Metals in Baltimore, Maryland. This recycling company also pays cash for other types of scrap metal including aluminum, brass and stainless steel. Contact the company for pick-up or roll-off service if you have a large amount of scrap to recycle.

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