Maintaining a Sanitary Workplace with the Help of Professionals

Hiring a company that provides office cleaning services in Columbia is an excellent way to ensure your commercial building is clean and fresh for your employees and customers. This is a relationship that can be beneficial for you and everyone who encounters your building. However, unless you have a cleaning service coming in every day, there are some things you still need to handle to ensure quality cleanliness at your company.

Things You Should Ensure Are Done

There are a few things you can do to keep the environment clean and comfortable. We’ll go over the ones that are most important, then follow up with what you can expect from the professionals cleaning your location.

*     Cleaning the restrooms – Bathrooms can get dirty quickly and they harbor bacteria and germs that can make people sick. Because of that, it’s important that they be cleaned on a regular basis. Someone should be cleaning up a couple of times a day at the least, as well as doing tasks like refilling toilet paper or hand towels.
*     Vacuuming – If your business has carpets, it’s important that vacuuming happen on a regular basis. We suggest doing so at least once every two days. The mopping can often wait for the professional, but vacuuming should be done more often.
  *     Removing clutter – In an office environment, clutter can build up quickly. Having employees clean up their offices can make a huge difference in avoiding this issue. Any communal dishes or silverware should also be removed from desks, washed, and put away at the end of a shift.

What a Professional Will Do

If you are new to office cleaning services in Columbia, you may wonder exactly what a cleaning professional will do for you. There is a long list of tasks and these can vary by company, but the following are usually included:

    Carpet cleaning – Vacuuming on a regular basis helps remove dirt from carpets, but it’s not always enough. Your cleaning professional can do a deep cleaning to get rid of all the gunk and make your floors look brand new again.
  *     Scrubbing the bathroom – You should be cleaning the bathroom, but there may be areas that are missed or which need extra work. Your cleaning team will make sure every surface, wall, and appliance is cleaned and sanitized.
*     Floor waxing – Tile floors need regular waxing and stripping. This can help them look new. A professional cleaner can take care of this and bring back the shine and luster you might be missing.

Office Cleaning in Columbia

At Deserved Comfort Professional Housekeeping, we clean restrooms, kitchens, desks, countertops, and more. You can expect to come in to a fresh and clean building with trash removed, floor swept, and bathrooms sanitized. If you would like to inquire about a free quote, you can reach us at 803-739-9700.

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