The Garage Door – Selection, Installation, Maintenance and Safety

Without them, we would all be parking our cars outside. They are without a doubt the heaviest and most massive object that we ask to be raised and lowered multiple times daily. So where you get your garage doors, how you have them installed and making sure you maintain them properly is critical.

Selecting Your Door
There is a wide variety of cosmetic choices and materials available today for consumers looking for the perfect new garage door. Madison, WI customers, can look for wood, vinyl, steel, and insulated doors with a wealth of colors and finishes, all of which meet today’s mandatory safety standards. Whether you want one opening or multiple individual doors, there is no doubt you can find exactly what you are looking for within a broad range of prices.

Not for Novices
The basic operation of the door is quite simple – it is controlled by a spring system, lifted with cables, and slides along a track. While it may sound simple, a mistake in any of these systems can be dangerous and potentially deadly. Leave the installation of a garage door to the experts because there is no replacement for a smoothly operating and reliable door.

While homeowners might think that once the door is installed the work is done, the fact is that installation is only the first step. The garage door needs to be regularly maintained and insected. Springs wear out, cables can fray, doors can become misaligned, and even those pesky eyebeam sensors can require a professional check from time to time. Better to spend a few dollars on making sure that everything is working properly than to risk an accident.

Keeping Kids Safe
Make sure that your kids understand that the door is not a toy and teach them always to have the door completely raised before they are going out. Don’t allow them to try to jump over the eyebeams while the door is going down to save a few steps. Those safety measures are there to make sure they aren’t injured or worse. No matter how much of a hurry they are in, it’s still better for them to wait until the door is all the way up and let it close behind them.

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