5 Tips for Finding the Best Pediatrician in San Diego

At this point, you probably already have a pediatrician. However, if you’re changing addresses or your old one just retired, you’ll need to find a pediatrician you and your kids will be happy to have in your lives. Finding the best pediatrician, though, requires a combination of many things: luck, determination and patience. And help—lots of it. So here are a few helpful tips from Parent to make sure you find the best one:

  1. Ask for referrals. Whether from your old pediatrician or from basically everyone you know, any referral would be a huge help. If you still need more names, try looking through the referral site of the American Academy of Pediatrics. That would surely fill your list right up.
  2. Do a location-check. Choosing a pediatrician has to do with more than having the right qualifications and skills. Yes, you want experience but you also want convenience. If the pediatrician lives an hour away, this arrangement might not work so well. It’s always better if your pediatrician’s clinic is only about 30 minutes away. If there’s an emergency, you can bring your child to your pediatrician with no delay.
  3. Schedule an appointment. Call up each of the pediatricians on your list. Ask about operating hours, qualifications, emergency services along with everything else you wish to know. If you feel like the staff is rushing you through the call or aren’t able to satisfy your questions, move on to the next name on your list.
  4. Meet the doctor. When you finally meet the doctor, ask about experience, operating hours, emergency services. If your kid gets a high fever and you put a call to your pediatrician, would he answer instead of a nurse? Also, some parents prefer pediatricians who have first-hand knowledge of what’s coming—meaning, parents. But childless pediatricians also work great so it’s really going to be up to you. One thing that makes a best pediatrician, though, is rapport. Are you comfortable? Does the doctor do his best to answer your questions? Do you like the thought of dealing with him for the long-term?
  5. Watch him in action. Of course, the final test is when you see the doctor in action. How does he handle a crisis? What will he do when your baby gets a colic? Based on his actions, you could either end up looking for another doctor or staying with him for the next few years.

There you have it, 5 tips to help you find the best pediatrician in San Diego. For more information on pediatricians in San Diego and southern Riverside, give us a call at the Children’s Primary Care Medical Group.

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