Customizing Parking Stickers –The Important Things to Remember

Parking stickers are a quick and easy way to ensure employees, residents and the appropriate people have access to your parking lot and building. Often, people do not realize all that goes in to making their parking passes or decals. Similarly, most companies and parking garages simply do not take the time to find out what their options are when creating these passes. There are many companies that specialize in creating parking permits and other types of stickers for vehicles. However, many of these companies do not always provide truly customized permits.

It’s standard practice for many companies to provide generic parking stickers. This standard practice is quite shocking since one of the most important features of a permit or access pass is its uniqueness and its ability not to be easily duplicated or copied. Often, people’s safety and their vehicle’s safety depends on how customized a permit or access pass is. So, when choosing a style for your stickers remember you can choose from a variety of options that will make your permit or pass unique. Some suggested options are:

 * Customized shapes and sizing
 * Expiring layouts
 * Reflective material
 * Consecutive Numbering

Sometimes, with so many combinations and options, it can be hard to remember what matters when customizing—durability. Parking stickers need to be durable and even reusable, all without being hard to remove. Using long-lasting adhesives that are user-friendly and selecting decals that are fade-resistant are therefore at the top of the list of features necessary to have a durable permit or pass. Additionally, there are alternative options to parking stickers with back-only or both front and back adhesives such as hang tags. Hang tags are a great choice that allows for flexibility as well as durability.

Additional Features
Another important detail to remember when customizing your parking sticker or permits is your choice of graphics. Unique graphics that are specifically tailored to your needs or company ensure that your permits, passes or hang tags stand out and are more difficult to duplicate. Ultimately, there are numerous additional features to choose from, an array of colors to select, and a variety of styles offered that will make your parking stickers different from the rest.

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