Tips to Purchasing a Successful Coffee Shop in Seattle

Coffee is what many Americans start their day with. Whether it be at home or a local coffee shop, people who love their coffee truly would do anything for it. Coffee shops in Seattle are just about everywhere you look considering Starbucks got its start in the city. So it might seem a bit intimidating when you begin the consideration of opening a coffee shop in the same city where Starbucks got its name. Here are some tips that will help make sure your coffee house is successful.

Business Plan

Make sure that before you start looking for a coffee shop for sale in Seattle, that you have an appropriate business plan set into place. If you are not sure how to create a business plan, consult with someone who does, maybe a friend, colleague, or fellow entrepreneur. Having a clear cut idea of what you want out of your business will then ensure that you find the right building.

Finding a Coffee Shop

Once you have your business plan in place, you need to start looking for a coffee shop for sale. Your best bet would be to hire a commercial real estate broker to help you find one in the area that you are looking for and in the price range. There are ways to go about this yourself such as doing online research or simply taking a walk in downtown Seattle, but your best bet is to hire a professional who can help you find precisely what you are looking for.

Begin Networking

Once you have found the coffee shop you are looking for and have signed on the dotted line, you have to start networking almost immediately. Start telling fellow colleagues or entrepreneurs that you purchased the property and what your plans are for it. This will get people to be enthusiastic about your new business venture and start telling their friends about it. Word-of-mouth is everything, so networking is essential.

If you want to open up a coffee shop in Seattle, you need to have a business plan that makes you stand out from all of the other coffee shops in the area. If not, then chances are your shop will not be as successful as you had hoped. Hiring a real estate broker will help increase your chances of being more successful in your business by helping you find the right location.

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