The EMN Corporation’s Global Presence

The EMN Corporation is doing more than providing high quality information technology services that take into account the individual goals and needs of their different clients. EMN World is doing so across the globe, bringing their superior business model to clients in many disparate parts of the planet. Find out where EMN is making its mark.

Eastern Hemisphere

In the Eastern Hemisphere – which includes the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe, as well as countries in the Pacific – EMN offers both information technology services as well as assistance with other industries. In Asia, EMN has a presence in India and China. Their Indian interests include technology services, as well as sugar and power. In Africa, the EMN Corporation has offices that offer information technology assistance in South Africa, Djibouti, and Zambia.  The EMN World also extends to Europe, where EMN Euro Services, headquartered in the United Kingdom, provides help for clients in Germany, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Russia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Greece and Poland. In the Pacific, EMN has holdings in Australia and New Zealand.

Western Hemisphere

North and South America are in the Western Hemisphere and the EMN Corporation, with its global mindset, has offices on these continents too. There are Canada Services in Canada and a United States headquarters in Delaware. The South American branches are based in Mexico and provide services to Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.

The different countries and regions described above are all part of the future EMN conglomeration, bringing together a variety of different goods and services that the EMN World provides under one umbrella. The specific companies in each country operate under varying titles, but all fall under the global reach of the EMN Corporation. EMN has a presence around the world so that clients in many different places can receive the superior quality of EMN services.

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