The Dangers of Your Unstable Foundation

by | Sep 4, 2013 | Foundation Repair

Owning a home or a building, as you probably know, is a lot of work. You have so many different issues to think about. This is particularly true if you spend a great deal of time away from the property. By the time you get there, an array of problems may have developed. Problems with the plumbing system may arise, leading to flooding, mold and decay. Electrical wiring can age and pose increased fire risks. Foundation issues are serious as well, and you may need to consider foundation piering in Oklahoma City along with your plumbing and electrical repairs.

What exactly makes an unstable foundation such a problem? The immediate response is that your building could be destroyed. You’ve probably seem some old homes and buildings that never went through foundation piering in Oklahoma City. They probably look as though they are about to topple over or may soon crumble to the ground. You do not want this to happen to your building for obvious reasons.

A foundation problem is also a safety concern. You simply cannot have people working or living in a building or home in that condition. In addition to the obvious safety hazard that such an issue poses, your structure could be condemned. It may not be deemed safe to enter again until you have foundation piering in Oklahoma City performed.

Waiting a long time to take this step in getting foundation piering in Oklahoma City is not a wise idea either. By the time you are ready to meet with one of the professionals, the building might be beyond repair. At that point, you would have a total loss. It is unlikely that anyone is going to want to purchase a building or a home that is in such a condition.

Even if you were able to find a buyer for the property, the entire structure would likely have to be torn down. After that, it would have to be built back up again or turned into something entirely new. As a result, you are not going to find a lot of people who are willing to pay full price for the property, and you could take a significant hit in terms of finances.

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