The Cost Benefit To Quartz Countertops In Minneapolis

When comparing your options for kitchen and bathroom countertops for any Minneapolis home, you will find a wide range of different prices. The lower cost options to install, including tile and wood, are typically also those that are the least durable or that need to greatest amount of ongoing care to maintain.

Natural stone countertops are moderate to high in price range when compared to tile, laminate or wood. However, these countertops have been built to last and can easily stay your home through for its lifespan. The new sealants used on marble and granite mean a relatively low maintenance requirement, but occasional resealing and touch-ups for stains or etching may be required.

For the lowest possible maintenance consider the choice of quartz countertops. Having the look of natural stone but with the durability of the added resin, these countertops are virtually maintenance free and will last for a lifetime.

The Cost

Shopping around will provide a Minneapolis homeowner of the average prices for granite, marble and quartz. Typically, quartz countertops will be about the same prices as the higher end marble options. However, once installed, quartz will never need to be resealed and it will be virtually maintenance free compared to the moderate care required with marble.


Unlike marble or granite, quartz countertops are non-porous, which means they cannot absorb materials on the surface. This means no staining, no etching and no problems if acids, oils or liquids are not immediately wiped from the surface.

Additionally, without the small pores in the stone, this is a surface that is very easy to clean and maintain without concerns for bacteria, germs or viruses. With tile, wood or other materials the grout or slight surface imperfections can easily retain bacteria from foods.

Overall, the slightly higher cost of quartz is offset by the advantages of this engineered stone countertop option. Durable, long lasting and beautiful, quartz should definitely be a consideration for any kitchen or bathroom.

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