Considerations About Tree Removal Before Home Improvements on Residential Property

Homeowners commonly try to save as many trees as possible when planning new construction on the property, but sometimes Tree Removal is essential. A new room built onto the house, a garage or an outbuilding all may cause the need to have one or more trees cut down. The same is true for other types of home improvement, such as the addition of an outdoor swimming pool, widening of a driveway or the addition of a patio or deck. In some instances, the placement of the features might be adjusted during the planning stage in order to save some favorite trees. Arborists might even be able to move a tree to a different part of the yard. That’s not always possible, however.

In all these cases, the property owners will want the tree service workers to remove the stumps as well. Sometimes when trees are felled because they have been damaged by storms or disease, the stumps are left behind to rot away. That’s not an option when the stumps are in the path of new construction. The workers use specialized stump-grinding equipment to pulverize the wood all the way down below the ground surface.

It should be noted that Tree Removal sometimes becomes necessary even when property owners have tried to save these plants by carefully considering their construction plans. Trees can become severely stressed by abrupt and significant changes in their environment. If new construction suddenly plunges a tree into shade all day when that tree is accustomed to sunny conditions, this change alone can be enough to compromise its health. The opposite is true as well. Trees may not be able to handle bright sunlight all day when they previously were sheltered by other trees that have been removed before the construction of a patio or a new driveway.

Hiring a company such as Timberline Tree Service is advantageous because the technicians will take care to protect all trees that are to remain standing. Their work is precise and intricate. They know how to fell trees and grind stumps without damaging other plants, and without severing roots of trees that the property owners want to keep.

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