The benefits of having your car serviced by the dealer

It is important to set things straight; there is no rule that says you have to have your car serviced at the dealership; however, by doing so you can rest assured that the work will be carried out by factory trained technicians and any parts that are used will be the correct parts. Many people will have KIA auto service in NJ carried out at the dealership while the car is still under warranty, wise car owners stay with the dealer even after the warranty has expired.

Benefits of dealer service:

Although you would naturally migrate to the dealer you bought the car from, this does not mean that KIA auto service in NJ must be done there. There are many KIA dealerships scattered across the state and the country you are free to have service done at any of them.

Vehicle manufacturers spend absolute fortunes advertising, impressing upon potential buyers how reliable their vehicles are. All it takes is one serious mistake to undo this work and expense, this is one reason why dealerships invest a great deal of money and time to ensure their service technicians get the best training and have the best equipment to work with.

Better price at resale:

Another benefit to having your car serviced by the dealer may not be as obvious but it is just as real. A car that has always been serviced by dealer professionals will be easier to sell when the time comes and will sell for a higher price. Used car buyers are keen on buying a car that will not prove problematic, a car that has always had KIA auto service in NJ will be just that. Chances are that the better price you get will go a long way to offsetting the slightly higher cost of dealer service.

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