Keep Your Roof Healthy with Annual Inspections

A roof is one of the biggest investments made in your home or business. It has a crucial job of protecting against the elements. To ensure your roof remains capable of doing this job, regular maintenance must be done. During maintenance, it is vital for a roof inspection to be completed as well. Generally, homeowners inspect their roof if they notice a leak or after a significant storm. However, scheduled annual inspections are the best way of avoiding any problems where Concord roof repair would be needed.

Roof Inspection Starts on the Ground

For a roof inspection to be thorough, it must be completed from both up close and the ground. While on the ground, it’s easy to see your roofs general features. While up close, you are able to see and find details that you were unable to from the ground. A close inspection is required for such portions as the roofs shingles and flashing. If you’re uncomfortable completing an inspection on your own, contact professional roofing contractors, such as Ibarra Moon Contractors, where you Get a FREE Estimate & $250 of Services Today!

While inspecting your roof, look for any signs of damage or leaks. When looking over the roof, broken or missing shingles are simple to find. However, you may need to look closer to find any rusted flashing. These are not the only signs of a failing roof, which can include any noticeable rust, buckling shingles, curling shingles, or any signs of mold. Keep in mind, there may be rust or faulty shingles in places where you might not easily see. If you find it hard seeing your entire roof and roof part, contact a professional for assistance.

If you notice a few shingles that needs replacing or flashing which needs resealing, that may be an easy repair. Beyond that, contact experts in Concord roof repair.

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