The Benefits of Comp TIA Certifications

Anyone who has an interest in starting a career in IT can get a leg up on the competition for entry level jobs by completing a CompTIA A + Certification. Computer technology positions are becoming more necessary and plentiful as more businesses and households are becoming computerized. When applying for entry level jobs, lack of a certification can result in the other guy who has one securing the position.

Benefits of CompTIA A+ Certification

Through the knowledge you gain by taking the CompTIA coursework, you will learn the fundamentals of installation, repairing, upgrading, troubleshooting, configuring and optimizing personal computers. You will also gain knowledge in preventative maintenance measures of the hardware and the operating systems. Upon completion of the program and receipt of the certificate, you will be prepared to begin working at an entry level in IT positions.

Time Commitment and Course Supplies Required For Certification

The length of the course is 5 days, in which you will receive live instructor guidance. You are also supplied with software which will help you to prepare for the exam, a hard copy and digital course ware. You also receive mobile application access for iPad, iPhone and Android phones. In addition, upon successful completion of the 5 day course, you receive a voucher for taking the CompTIA A+ certification exam.

Program Eligibility Requirements

Anyone who is interested in working as a PC technician and has basic computer skills is eligible. Other helpful skills and knowledge include having end user experience with Windows PCs, experience with internet browsing, searching, and file management such as moving, deleting, copying and renaming files in the Windows environment. A basic knowledge of hardware, software, operating systems, applications, files systems, computer networking functions and some experience in using Windows 7 and 8 are also important.

Different types of CompTIA certifications available

In addition to the CompTIA A+ certifications, courses for CompTIA Security+ certification and CompTIA Network+ certification are available.

CompTIA Security+ and Network+ Certification

This program prepares you for qualification to secure network services, traffic and devices within an organization. You acquire the skills in basic security services for computer networks of all types.

The CompTIA Network+ course prepares you to take the CompTIA network+ exam. Prerequisites for this course of study include at least 9 months as an IT professional technician. Although A+ certification is not required, it is helpful or at least the equivalent in knowledge and experience.

The CompTIA certification provides individuals with the desire to pursue a career in the IT industry with a study program which helps to get a foot in the door in entry level IT work. There are 3 types of CompTIA certifications which help to build further skills in the IT industry for increasing responsibility and field advancement. For more information about obtaining CompTIA certification training courses from a company based near Orlando,

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