The Benefit of LED Lights in New York City

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Electricians

The Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights in New York City have been installed in city projects such as traffic lights, bridge lighting and street lights. Approximately 300,000 LED lights have been installed in various municipal applications. Every traffic light in New York City’s five boroughs has LED lights. The NYDOT has installed LED lights on streets, bridges, underpasses and parks, and the city continues to test the lights and explore other uses for them, but the future of LED Lights in New York City has been decided:

“New York has always shaped the future by introducing and popularizing the next big thing. Today we play that role with the technology of sustainability. The scale of New York is great enough to build a strong market for innovations such as LED street lighting, which will speed its adoption around the world.” said Janette Sadik-Khan, Commissioner for Green Light Sustainable Street Lighting for NYC.

The question of LED lights being installed for home use has been answered by a company that will install LED lights in the home or office. The highly skilled technicians will install these lights that will burn continuously for 100,000 hours at a KW cost that is much less than conventional lighting. The cost of the bulb is higher, but there should not be any installation cost. Some experts estimate that the payback in energy cost savings is achieved in as little as three years. LED products tested to IES LM-79-08 and LM-80-08 standards offer additional credence and validity to manufacturers’ performance claims. LED lighting should have these standards imprinted either on the bulb base or the carton. LED Lights in New York City have this identification.

The light emitted by an LED bulb is spectacular in some experts’ opinions, and others say that the light is just a nice glow. The dimmers on your current bulbs may not be useful, so whether a dimmer will work with the LED lights is an open question. Some electrical engineers say the light is so soft that a dimmer would not be of any use. LED Lights in New York City are installed by technicians who know what codes to look for. There is no question about the LED being the environmental lighting of today and tomorrow. Many parts of the world are adopting the New York model.

Another huge benefit of LED lighting is found in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions; 30 percent by 2030.

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