An Individual Providing Electrician Service in Fishers Can Answer Questions About Unplugging Devices for Energy Savings

When a homeowner schedules electrician service in Fishers for a wiring upgrade or the addition of home improvement features, it’s an ideal time to ask the electrician questions about how to save money on the utility bill. Electricians are happy to help their customers learn which devices to unplug or shut off when not in use to stop spending extra money every month.

An easy way to shut off electricity to electronic devices is to plug them into a power strip. All the equipment can be shut off with one button. When the individual providing electrician service in Fishers is at the house, the residents might ask how many devices can safely be plugged into one strip that draws electricity from only one outlet. Many types of electronics do not use a great deal of power, so it’s acceptable to plug them into the same power strip. A reasonable solution might be to plug a TV set, DVD player, and game console into one power strip and a computer and printer into another.

Although it would seem logical that a modern, flat-screen TV would have been designed to use less electricity than the cathode-ray models, these devices actually use more both when in use and when sitting idle. And, the bigger the set, the more power it draws. Television sets manufactured more than 10 years ago tend to be even bigger energy hogs. If someone has one of these devices in a guest room or a cabin, it could be unplugged when nobody’s using it. An electrician from a company such as Burtner Electric can provide additional interesting information about electronic products that might be considered energy wasters in certain respects.

Any equipment that includes a clock or a lighted display uses electricity all the time if it’s plugged in. Consider a microwave oven, for instance. It makes sense to unplug that device if doing so is convenient. It uses power for most of the day but only is actually in use for a short time each day. Many small appliances, such as coffeemakers and toasters, also draw a small amount of electricity whenever they are plugged in.

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