The Advantages Of An Applied Biosystems Sequencer

Having the correct equipment to complete tests is critical for a lab of any size. Today, it is more important than ever for all labs, including smaller facilities, to have the best possible testing equipment.

Buying new equipment can be cost prohibitive for labs of any sized. Adding a used Applied Biosystems sequencer to any lab will be a big improvement and will also allow for the maximum in cost savings. As used equipment is often worth half of the cost of the same model new from the manufacturer, this is a cost-effective strategy for any lab manager to consider.

The Applied Bioscience Advantage

Applied Bioscience is a brand that falls under the Life Technologies umbrella brand. This, in turn, is part of the line of products offered by Thermo Fisher Scientific, a leading international manufacturer of analytical instruments and systems.

The Applied Bioscience brand, which is an American company, specializes in genetic analysis. Their options in Applied Biosystems sequencer models are used around the world in testing facilities, laboratories, medical research institutes as well as in other specialized applications.

Range of Options

From large systems that will have continual use in major labs and research facilities to smaller systems that may not be as in-demand, there is an Applied Biosystems sequencer to meet the requirements.

These systems offer both Sanger sequencing technology as well as the latest in Ion Torrent sequencing, also known as NGS, used sequences by Applied Biosystems are uniquely able to handle the job.

The Sanger sequencing systems are able to offer 99.99% accuracy on NGS variants and can sequence up to 96 samples at a time. The NGS can do the same, offering the option to sequence more than 96 samples and also sequence for multiple targets at the same time.

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