How a Gravity Feed Deer Feeder Can Attract Deer to Your Property

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Feeders

Hunters, nature lovers and anyone who loves deer can benefit from gravity feed deer feeder. Whether you plan to build your own or buy one for your property, it’s a great way to attract deer and keep them coming back.

Can’t Beat Gravity

Gravity feed uses the earth’s gravity to move something. In the case of deer feeders, this means letting gravity move the feed down to the feeding tube or platform, where the deer can access it. Letting nature do the work, you can simply install or place the feeder on your property. You don’t need any electricity to attract, feed and keep deer nearby. Just keep the feeder filled up. As deer take the food, gravity keeps the grain flowing into the access points at the bottom of the feeder.

Things to Consider

Habitat, food plots and supplemental feed are all part of the equation if you plan to manage deer and concentrate them in one place. As a matter of fact, bait and feed programs are illegal in some areas, so you should first learn the laws that apply to your property.

A gravity feed deer feeder cannot answer all your questions, but it can provide a relatively easy-to-maintain feeding strategy with no hassles. To avoid issues with contamination or the spread of illness, you should place the stand in an open area frequented by a few target deer. The gains come when the same deer come back time and again, with predictably. You can then start adjusting the feed to get the desired results. According to the Mississippi State University Deer Lab, a study conducted in Texas found that bucks that were fed high-protein feed (16 percent) had up to a 20-inch antler gain.


Using a gravity feed deer feeder is a great way to attract deer. With some knowledge of the rules of the game, you can make smart decisions on how to utilize your feeder to better enjoy the deer on your property.

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