Should You Buy A Used HPLC?

Lab managers constantly have to make decisions that have a huge impact on the ability of the lab to complete testing required by the company or by clients. In many labs, the use of an HPLC or High-Performance Liquid Chromatography system is mandatory, but also very costly.

This creates a problem for most facilities. Is the best option to buy a new HPLC and plan to make payments for years or use a large part of the equipment budget on one piece of equipment? Or, perhaps, is the best option to buy a used HPLC at a fraction of the price without giving up anything in testing capacity, features or ability to integrate with the current lab systems?

Differences to Consider

When features and options on the system are equal, the only differences between a new system and a used HPLC is going to be the warranty and the price. Since the price of a used system can be as much as fifty percent or more over new, it is a good financial choice.

The warranty issue can be addressed through the choice of refurbished system. This is an HPLC unit that has been completely tested, inspected and repaired to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer standards. Through the testing and repair company, a warranty will be issued that can be a few months to longer, depending on what the purchasing laboratory or testing facility requires.

Saving More

Purchasing a used HPLC can even save more if a lab is choosing a slightly older model that still meets all standards and requirements for specific testing needs. It may also be an option to consider a tested used rather than refurbished model. Typically, these do not have a warranty, but they may also have a lower price.

For any lab looking for quality equipment while staying in the budget, buying used or refurbished lab testing equipment should be a priority decision. Not only will it save money, but it also provides the option to compare different makes and models to find the ideal match for the lab.

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