Taking Care Of Glass Replacement in Elmhurst

When a window consisting of several small panes of glass has one with a crack in it, the repair will need to be done to help people avoid injury. A smaller pane can be repaired by the homeowner rather easily if they have the correct tools. When someone is unsure about the procedure, Glass Replacement in Elmhurst can be done by a professional glass service instead.

The process will start with the donning of safety glasses, heavy-duty gloves and a long-sleeved shirt. This will protect the person making the repair from any cuts during the process.

The glass should be taped corner to corner diagonally in both directions, forming a letter “X”. Masking tape works fine for this step. To get the pane, out of the frame, it would need to be lightly tapped with the wooden end of a hammer. The glass will come out in a large bulk because of the tape. Any pieces left behind can be picked out with tweezers.

When the glass is removed, a new pane will need to be put inside the opening. To add this, glass putty will need to be used. This is a pliable material that can be rolled into cylinder shapes. Have someone stand on the other side of the window when adding the glass pane. They will be able to direct it into place and hold it, so it does not fall in the process.

The putty should be placed parallel to the edge of the glass pane so it covers half the glass and half the frame with its width. Press into place along all four sides. Go to the opposite side of the window and repeat with those four sides. Allow the putty to harden and remove any excess with a utility knife.

If someone needs to take care of a Glass Replacement in Elmhurst and they are not confident doing the job on their own, a visit can be made to Bolingbrookglass.net. This site will offer information about the glass replacement procedure. An appointment can also be scheduled to have a professional make the replacement saving the homeowner from worry.

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