Three Specialty Glass Options for Commercial Windows in Arlington

Many businesses require specialty glass to protect their assets and employees but not all glass companies provide specialty glass options. These three types of specialty glass provide better security and safety for employees and assets in jewelry stores, banks, and other businesses.

Bulletproof Glass

Bulletproof or bullet-resistant glass windows in Arlington are usually found in places that deal with expensive merchandise or large amounts of cash. This glass is usually made from two or more layers of hard and soft glass. The soft glass is made to be more elastic so that it flexes instead of shatters if a bullet hits it. The hard glass layers are made to flatten the bullet and absorb its energy to prevent penetration.

Safety Glass

Safety glass is used in commercial buildings with large glass windows and glass doorways to protect both the public and employees in case the glass should break. If flying debris from a storm, a rock, or another large object should hit and manage to break a window, then the glass will shatter into small chunks of glass rather than sharp shards. Safety glass is made from toughened, or tempered, glass or laminated glass to prevent it from shattering. View website for more info about the commercial windows in Arlington.

Burglar-Resistant Glass

Businesses that may appeal to burglars often install burglar-resistant glass to prevent break-ins into their buildings. It is a type of safety glass that is layered to resist impact, similarly to the windshield of a car, so when something hits it, it may shatter but will not break all the way through. If you’re interested in impact-resistant glass for your business or home, visit for more information.

Whether your business needs glass that resists impacts or requires safety glass to protect people in case it breaks, contact a local glass company to get estimates for your company’s windows.

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