Snow Making Machines and Snowflakes

Snowfall machines, snow making machines or snow guns are commonly used on the ski slopes to create fake snow when there is not enough snow on the ground. These commercial machines are expensive and complex, and only work in 20ºF or colder weather. This type of snow making machine doesn’t have a consumer use and is different from the snow machines available on the market. These create snow using a fake snow mix that melts a minute or two after hitting the ground. This type of snow machine and instant snow are used in movies and televisions.

The Truth about Snowfall Machines and Its Applications

Instant snow and snow making machines can be used indoors and outdoors. They can also be used on any surface, as long as make sure that there is plastic or cloth underneath for an easy cleanup. There is no need to worry about things getting wet, as water will not bleed out and the snow will not leave stains. It’s still recommended that you place a barrier between the fake snow and delicate surfaces. There are two types of snow making machines, the fan and the stick and lance snow making machine. The fan uses propellers, which are driven ducted fans to help throw the snow and provide hang time for mixing and freezing. These fan snow making machines can be portable or fixed on towers/swing arms and have long snow projection in all weather. As for the stick and lance snow machine, they are the mounted type on a 6-9 meter mast which have limited throw and are sensitive to wind. These snow making machines work well depending on the geological location. The sticks are more common in colder climates and the fan works best with marginal weather.

Snow Effects

Fake snow and a snow making machine are all parts of special effects equipment that some companies manufacturer or have as rentals. A snow making machine that produces the most snow is called the little blizzard. It has the ability to be longer lasting and quieter than the rest in comparison to the others machines available on the market. The markets for these snow machines vary and have been tested and approved by the USDA. These snow making machines have been featured in most films because they look like real snow, melt like snow, and they can even melt in your mouth like the real deal.

Things to Consider

Anyone can rent a snow making machine. Things that need to be considered is the location of the machine due to the climate, electrical power needs, plus if you want cycle timers and the amount of fluid being consumed. These type of things matter when you change any one of the factors then the effect and the cost of renting change as well.

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