Figuring Out the Value of Your Company

As you look to sell your company, you should first try to figure out what your business is worth, getting you what you should in terms of profit from the sale. Some business owners benefit from the use of an advisor with experience in business valuation Minneapolis. Multiple factors contribute to the value of your company.


The assets of your company play a huge role in determining the value of your company. Assets include the inventory and equipment the business owns. Assets contribute to the overall value of the company, because the ownership of the property transfers to the new buyer, so you want to make sure you get the full value of the inventory you sell with it. Your accounting department should have access to a list of all the costs of your original startup equipment and any equipment that still is used at the company.

Revenue and Profit

The revenue and the profit effect the business, because you need to show a potential buyer that your company is growing. Revenue is the amount of money your company brings in each month, which is not a good indicator of your profit. The profit is determined by the total balance leftover after you have paid the expenses of running your business. Most buyers want a company that has low maintenance costs and high profitability. To get the full value of the company, you should pay closer attention to profit, rather than revenue.


Your company’s growth contributes to the overall value of the business. Even if you have a collection of assets and high profitability, buyers want to know that your business has endurance, allowing the new owner to profit. You can determine the potential growth and viability of the company by looking at previous years and creating a business plan that prevents your company and its services from being obsolete. Your continuing profit margin is usually the biggest indicator of how long your business can continue to make money.

After Valuation

Once you know how much your business is worth, you can use the information to your advantage when trying to find a potential buyer. A buyer wants to know your business is lucrative and growing, so determining the worth of your company helps you to get profit you deserve from the sale. By making a few changes to your company’s processes, you can sell it for an even greater payout.

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