Smoothies Not Just for Dairy

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When most people think of smoothies they envision using milk products such as yogurt in order to create this breakfast favorite. However when using your Vitamix Blender you can think beyond dairy and look for other fresh ingredients if you are lactose intolerant or just do not enjoy dairy products. Here are some ideas to make delicious smoothies without dairy.

Soy Yummy
Many people have turned to soy drinks to replace dairy in their diets. Soy can be used in a number of ways, from drinks in both natural or flavored versions as well as velvety smooth tofu. You can get the smooth texture of dairy based smoothies using soy if you prefer a creamier drink. Soy goes well with banana and strawberry and blends nicely in a Vitamix blender.

Rich Almond Milk
Almonds have many healthy benefits including the calcium of dairy products. You can use almond milk in your morning smoothie for a truly delicious alternative to dairy. Almond provides both the creaminess you may desire as well as a depth of flavor not found with other dairy substitutes and goes particularly well with cherries.

Creamy Coconut Milk
Coconut is fast becoming a sought after ingredients in many different forms. Coconut milk provides the creaminess you love in a smoothie with a truly delightful flavor and works with any number of fruits especially pineapple, banana and mango. It blends perfectly in your Vitamix blender for a satisfying morning treat.

Cooling Coconut Water
If you are looking for a more refreshing smoothie avoiding the creamy bases is best. Coconut water contains tons of electrolytes comparable to any sports drink without the added sugar. Coconut water is delicious when combined with citrus but you can try it with a number of frozen fruits to create a delicious breakfast treat. Throw in some fresh ginger for added punch.

Pleasurable Pomegranate Juice
For added tang you can combine pomegranate juice with any number of fresh fruits. It is very tart but still delicious. Try it with sweeter berries, add organic honey or combine with frozen grapes for a newer, lighter and very refreshing smoothie.

Tea Time
This might not be for everyone, but green tea can also be mixed with fruits for a very refreshing smoothie. You can use green teas or try a very different flavor such as Kombucha. This is a fermented tea and it will add a carbonated feel like that found in sodas to your juices and smoothies.

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