Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

More than 2 million elderly Americans currently reside in long-term care facilities. One of the biggest national concerns is neglect and abuse amongst those elderly individuals. Federal nursing home regulations say that the resident of the facility has the right to be free from all types of abuse and punishment. It is against the law to abuse a resident of one of these facilities in any way. Abuse and neglect are fairly similar but there is a very distinct difference. Neglect is the failure to provide an individual with the services that are necessary to keep them save and ensure they are free from any type of harm.

Signs of Verbal Abuse or Neglect
It is important that if you have a friend or family member in a nursing facility that you watch out for physical or verbal neglect or abuse. Signs such as dehydration, bed injuries, falls, fractures, or head injuries, are some of the most obvious signs but there are quite a few more that should serve as a warning sign for you and your family.

*Pressure ulcers
*Death of the resident
*Rapid weight loss
*Reluctance to speak in the presence of a staff member
*Unexplained injuries or wounds
*Unclean or unsanitary conditions

Even though these are more serious issues, they are also ones that you should watch out for. Any emergency treatment that is sought after or needed is one major sign of abuse. If the resident is frequently sick and there is no real explanation for it. All of these signs should be major concerns for you and your family.

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