Reviewing Employment Law In Northampton, MA After Termination

Massachusetts employers must follow the guidelines for termination when firing a worker. The circumstances in which the employee was hired play a role in how they can be terminated. Under employment law in Northampton, MA, the employer cannot terminate the worker based on unethical reasons.

Without Any Notice

Workers must review the terms of employment. In most instances, the employer has the right to terminate employment without advance notice. However, they must possess a lawful reason for letting the worker go. These reasons cannot be discriminatory.

Reviewing Potential Discrimination When Downsizing

It’s not uncommon for companies to downsize. However, when the companies choose to keep employees with certain skill levels discrimination is possible. The employees that are terminated must possess skill levels that are inferior to those who remain. If this isn’t the case, they may have a viable claim for discrimination. This is the case if the company identifies with certain religious affiliations and the terminated employees have opposing views.

Discrimination Due to Gender

Company owners with a record of promoting men only may face discrimination claims. They must provide evidence that these trends don’t reflect a bias against women. Female workers who have applied for these advanced positions must face denials based on gender. This presents them with a viable employment discrimination case.

Discrimination When Hiring Workers

Discrimination is based on specific areas. They include gender, religion, race, and sexual orientation. Employers cannot refuse employment based on their own personal beliefs. This indicates that they cannot pass over an applicant for a position if they don’t agree with the preferences of the applicant.

Any commentary about these areas of discrimination by the employer could increase the validity of the claim. Whistle blowers who are aware of these occurrences could testify against the employer. Any denial of employment based on anything outside of experience, skill level, and educational background is discrimination. Click here for more details about the employment law In Northampton, MA.

Massachusetts workers are protected against discriminatory actions by employers. This stops employers from refusing employment based on their own beliefs or personal preferences. These laws help skilled workers gain employment based on their ability. Workers who have faced discrimination covered under employment law in Northampton, MA should visit for further information.

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