Resolving Estate Concerns with a Family Divorce Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL

Conflict is very common during a divorce. Emotions are often tied up in the financial decisions you and your soon to be ex-spouse are forced to make. When it comes to your estate, it is very difficult to determine who should get what and why. The court will rule based on what is fair, which may include information about ownership as well as the overall fault in the case. In nearly every situation, it is best for both parties to have a family divorce lawyer in Jacksonville, FL to support their case and their efforts.

An Attorney Will Guide You

The complexities of an estate are far more than simply splitting everything in half. There is a need to ensure both parties are given the estate rightfully theirs, but various factors play a role in determining what this is. For example, your inherited belongings may not be made part of the divisible estate. On the other hand, the items purchased during the marriage, no matter their value, may be a part of it. Did you both work? Did you contribute equally to the estate? And, what about retirement accounts and investments? Each of these factors plays a role in determining how an estate will be divided. With the help of a family divorce lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, you can gain more insight into what the courts may rule as a proper division.

It is possible in some situations to work out terms of estate division between the parties before the court has to do so. The goal of any family divorce lawyer in Jacksonville, FL will be to help minimize the number of decisions a judge has to make and to work closely with both parties to find an agreement both can appreciate.

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