Replacing and Upgrading Furnaces in Longmont, CO

It is time to think about a replacement when a furnace becomes too old to efficiently heat a home or when repair calls are needed during every heating season. A new furnace is an investment that many homeowners hesitate to make, but once they do they often realize the additional comfort and energy savings made the installation worthwhile. Furnaces in Longmont CO are powered by wood, geothermal energy, gas and oil and choosing the one that is best is not always easy.

Using Wood Boilers

Homeowners that prefer wood no longer need to have a stove or fireplace inside their home. Installing wood boilers outside is a safer option, but the need to cut, split and carry wood to load the boiler is unchanged and can mean venturing outside in the cold. They must also be properly maintained or risk violating air quality regulations.

Installing Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient option that requires no fuel source. Electricity powers the fan and pump that keeps air circulating and bringing in warm air in the winter and cooler air in the summer. They reduce energy bills and keep the interior air cleaner, but they are also not always as effective as needed. Large homes may need two units for adequate heating or a source of backup heat for long periods of cold weather.

Relying on Furnaces

Furnaces and boilers now frequently operate at almost 99 percent efficiency levels. This makes them one of the most affordable options to install and to operate. When properly cleaned and maintained they are safe and simple to use. If not properly maintained there is a risk of carbon monoxide buildup and all homes should have CO detectors installed for safety. In addition, both gas and oil units require space for fuel storage tanks.

Furnaces in Longmont CO are more efficient than electric -powered baseboard and space heaters, safer than wood and generally more effective that heat pumps. However, they do have their downfalls and the advantages of the other systems may outweigh the shortcomings for some homeowners. Discussing the options with an expert and having an estimate based on personal needs and home size makes it easier to make the right choice. Contact Poudre Valley Air to discuss the options and to learn more about home heating systems.

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