Renovating from Single to Double Doors

The trend of using double doors instead of single doors in both interior rooms and front doors is definitely on the rise. When changing from an existing single door to the double version, there are a few simple considerations to keep in mind.

Double doors are ideal for several reasons. They certainly make moving things into and out of rooms much easier, and they certainly enhance the entrance to the home. They are also a great option in high traffic areas where people may be moving to and from one area of the home, or in and out.

There are different styles of double doors and they are very different based on where they would be used. Thinking ahead and carefully measuring and planning how you want to complete the renovations to accommodate the doors is important.

Front Doors

Beautiful and stylish, double doors on the front enhance the look of the home at a glance. However, these doors aren’t just reserved for extremely large homes or mansions; they are also a great option in many small- to mid-sized homes.

For a small- to mid-sized home, it might be a good idea to select double doors with more glass and opt to include a transom to add height. If space is an issue, the additional glass on the doors will replace the sidelites while allowing natural light into the entrance.

If renovating from a single door to a double, keep in mind the need to expand the rough opening and re-framing the doorway before installing the doors. Typically, centering the new doors over the existing opening will ensure that the walkway to the front and the stairs (if you have) will be right in relationship to the new addition.

Patio Doors

French-style double doors are very popular for a patio. Typically, in a renovation, these will be replacing an older style of sliding door and the door opening will not need adjustment.

By adding the French-style doors, you literally double the space in the doorway, allowing you to open up the space for entertaining or just use one door for convenience.

Interior double doors can be planned for very much like plan for your exterior doors. Just remember you will have two doors opening in or out, so you may need to do some design changes in both rooms to get the space you need.

When you need additional space, double doors add both style and functionality. To see more or to view different design options, visit Nick’s Building Supply online at website.

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