3 All-Natural Ways to Disinfect Countertops in San Fernando Valley CA

There are many common sources of kitchen germs. Meat juices, poultry juices, raw foods, dairy products, raw eggs, and shellfish are just a few of these culprits. In order to make sure your kitchen is healthy and clean, it is a wise idea to regularly disinfect your Countertops in San Fernando Valley CA:

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a well-known disinfectant. It is a form of acetic acid and it has a high pH. This pH tends to be too strong for most bacteria to survive once it comes in contact with the vinegar. Choose either white distilled vinegar or undiluted vinegar for the best results. Simply pour the vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the entire length of your Harter Surfaces countertop with the solution. Allow the vinegar to sit on the surface for a few minutes before wiping it away with a clean rag of dish cloth.

Use Orange Oil

Orange oil is an all-natural disinfectant. It can be bought at most natural food stores or essential oil stores. Orange oil is known for its ability to deodorize and cleanse. It is important to dilute orange oil before using it on surfaces. To dilute this all-natural disinfectant, simply pour 4-5 drops into a spray bottle and fill the rest of the bottle up with lukewarm water. Thoroughly spray the countertop with the mixture and wipe away with a clean rag or paper towel.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be used for much more than cleaning out scrapes and cuts. Because hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer, it is commonly used to get rid of bacteria, germs, and grime. In order to use hydrogen peroxide as a countertop disinfectant, simply fill a spray bottle with 3% peroxide and spray on the surface. Allow the peroxide to sit on the surface for 20 minutes or so before wiping the surface down. Hydrogen peroxide will also add a streak free shine to most surfaces.

You do not need fancy cleaning supplies to keep your Countertops in San Fernando Valley CA immaculate, hygienic, and sanitary. These three all-natural remedies can do the trick every time!

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