Reasons You Should Think About Getting Invisalign in Annapolis

Having crooked, misaligned or misplaced teeth can lead to self-consciousness, and even a negative self-image. The traditional braces, as a way of dealing with misaligned teeth, are also not as helpful because they aren’t that attractive either. Also, braces make general dental hygiene very complicated because brushing teeth and flossing isn’t as effective when you have them on. A new and better way to straighten out crooked and misaligned teeth is getting Invisalign in Annapolis. Here are some of the reasons this method is taking the dental industry by storm.

How Invisalign works
As the name suggests, the best thing about using Invisalign is that the tooth aligners are completely invisible. The aligners are custom made with specifications to fit into an individual’s mouth. The aligner trays are made from smooth plastic that you have to wear on top of your teeth. The trays are made in such a way that when you wear them, they gradually move your teeth into the position that your orthodontist wants them to. The great thing about the method is that:
1. There are no metal brackets for attachment.
2. There are no wires that need to keep getting tightened.

Basically, this method is so easy and effortless that you will not even realize that your teeth are getting straightened.

There are many benefits that come with this process. To start with, it is more comfortable than the traditional braces. This is because the stressful wire tightening process has been entirely eliminated. The covers are also not as restrictive as braces especially when it comes to practicing oral hygiene. They are made in a way that food particles will not be trapped in any part of the trays.

The other advantage is that the process takes a relatively shorter time than the braces. The aligners are checked weekly by the orthodontist. Depending on your progress, Annapolis Dental Associates will fit in new aligners and ensure that the teeth are moving according to the way they mapped it out. After you achieve your perfect smile, they will get you retainers to lock it. For more information about Invisalign in Annapolis, go to, and start your journey towards a perfect smile.

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