Dealing with Air Conditioner Repair

Few things will get the attention of a person who lives in a warm climate like the words “broken air conditioner.” To some extent, these concerns are not unfounded, as a broken air conditioner can lead to dangerous problems and possibly expensive repairs. If you know how to recognize that your air conditioner is having a problem early, you may be able to have a minor air conditioner repair as compared to a major one. Even better, with proper care and maintenance, you may be able to avoid the repair altogether.

The Dangers of a Broken Air Conditioner
A broken air conditioner can cause people to suffer heat exhaustion, heat stroke, dehydration and eventually death in extreme circumstances. The sick and elderly are at the greatest risk for the severe problems, which is why quick air conditioner repair is so crucial in hospitals and nursing homes. Even when lives aren’t on the line, the lack of air conditioning can negatively affect a business and cost it money, or make people uncomfortable.

Signs that an Air Conditioner May Be Failing
Your air conditioner will give you clues when it’s not healthy, and the sooner you respond, the easier the repair may be. First off, listen to the unit. Squeaks and clunks that suddenly appear don’t suddenly go away—they get worse and worse until the unit stops working. Similarly, odd smells tend to indicate mold, burning wires or leaking coolant—all things that will not get better with time. Tripping circuit breakers can be a sign of impending electrical problems and excessive cycling might tip you off to a bad thermostat. Decreased airflow might indicate a clogged filter or blocked duct and warmer air might mean there’s a coolant leak, or at least the need for a recharge.

How to Keep an Air Conditioner Running
There are two very basic things a homeowner or building engineer can do to help keep an air conditioner running—clean off the condenser (just hosing it down can be enough) and change the vent filter regularly. Beyond that, scheduling a regular service call with a repair company to clean and inspect the unit each spring will do wonders toward keeping it running through the summer.

While air conditioner repair is not inevitable, it is likely you will need to have it at some point in your life. When the time comes, you should contact the experts at to take care of all your air conditioning needs.

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