Reasons to Opt for Above Ground Pools CT

by | Apr 6, 2013 | Home & Garden

The summer months are rolling around soon and if you are a homeowner, chances are you have contemplated getting a pool for your house. This is always an added convenience during the summer as you get a chance to cool off in the water or provide the right ambience for summer parties. However, getting an inground pool at short notice may seem quite a stretch. In such circumstances, one has the option of considering above ground pools. So what are some of the reasons to opt for above ground pools CT?

1. Low maintenance needs. When it comes to swimming pools, maintenance is one of the biggest aspects. One need to ensure the chemicals in the pool is balanced every other day. This is essential in ensuring that algae is not going to start breeding in the pool as well as for the safety of the people swimming in it. With Above ground pools, the maintenance is relatively low. You can easily keep out environmental debris such as leaves and grass.

2. They keep away animals.
With regular swimming pools, the risk of animals getting into them is quite high. This is not only reserved to household pets such as dogs. There have been reports of alligators making their way into the personal pools of homeowners and this can be quite alarming. With Above ground pools, CT this is much less of a risk, as the animals would have to try to climb over the sides to get into the pool. This lessens the risk of fur and animal germs from contaminating your pool water.

3. Above ground, pools tend to be safer.
This is especially true if you have children in the home. With these types of pools, you typically have to use a ladder o access them. Toddlers would find it quite difficult to make their way into the pool unless they get some assistance.

4. Easier installation.
As aforementioned, many homeowners consider having a pool especially during the summer. The greatest advantage of above ground pools is that they do not require a lot of work when it comes to installation. A contractor can do this for you in the shortest time possible. If you feel that you are quite handy with manual work, you could also attempt to install one on your own!

5. They do not need additional installations.
For most people, privacy is a concern when they go swimming. The last thing you would want is some nosy neighbors peeking in on you as you enjoy yourself with your family or friends. As such, you will find that most inground pools will also have additional decking for privacy. This is not a concern with above ground pools as the sides of the pool are already high enough to provide this.

If you would like additional reason to opt for above ground pools CT or if you would like to learn more about these types of swimming pools visit

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