Healthy Lawn Maintenance Advice

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Home & Garden

Like many other hardworking homeowners out there, you undoubtedly take pride in the appearance of your carefully cultivated home lawn. Healthy lawn maintenance in Houston, unfortunately, can be quite the time-consuming task, especially if you’re not entirely comfortable with the process. Luckily, lawn care companies can ease maintenance worries, and provide you with perfect greenery. Here is some informative lawn maintenance advice, straight from the experts, that customers often appreciate when selecting a high quality care provider.

Keep it High

Experts often mow grass high, to a height of approximately 3 inches, as this approach encourages lawn growth. As well, this longer height works as weed prevention, and it additionally discourages pesky insects.

Keep it Aired

Soil, ideally, needs to be aerated in the Autumn. This method breaks up compacted soil, and helps ensure that adequate air, water, and nutrients all reach the plant root level.

Keep it Seeded

Eye-sores, like bare patches and thinned ground, need a strong grass seeding plan. These tough ground spots will indeed require the experienced knowledge of lawn professionals.

Keep it Watered

The key to a healthy lawn is, in part, the watering technique. Watering grass deeply promotes the steady growth of lower root systems. However, above all else, this approach will only work provided the lawn is not watered too frequently. Keep in mind that overwatering results in oxygen deprivation, and soggy soil ultimately ends in lawn disease.

Keep it Protected

If your lawn has any unprotected high traffic areas, you may want to consider additional pathway stones. Replacing grass in these heavily walked zones can really enhance the appearance of a lawn, and make it generally safer in the long run.

Keep it Keen

Lastly, keeping a keen eye on your lawn can greatly decrease pests and problems. At first sign of bug and wildlife issues, contact an appropriate maintenance crew. Solving problems at the initial onset curtails a slew of possible disasters.

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