Questions You Should Ask Any Foundation Company in Gainesville before Hiring

Hiring a foundation company in Gainesville should be as painless as possible, and have no surprises when the work is done. To help make sure you hire the right company from the start, be sure you keep in mind these questions to ask during the initial inspection and contract negotiation.

How are you and your employees qualified to do the job?

You don’t just want to hear that everyone is licensed; you want to be able to see proof that all the people who will be working on your most valuable investment are qualified to do so. This, of course, means seeing up to date licenses and any relevant certifications.

Are your workers covered by liability and worker’s compensation?

No one wants something to go wrong, but even with precautions being taken, accidents can happen. It is important that a company also provide proof that should anything go wrong, your own insurance will not be penalized for it.

What kind or warranty does the work have?

You should be able to review all the terms of the warranty and understand in full before ever signing. Another issue to ask about is if the warranty falls under a national trust, so that if anything happens to the company, it can still be upheld.

What kind of patents does the company hold on its products, how are they resistant to decay?

Always be sure that the materials and equipment they use are up for the task. The optimal answer to this would be to be provided with informational sheets about the equipment and materials they use, partly so you can better understand and also so, you can have proof for your records. You may also want to ask what options they have in materials, especially when it comes to piling choices.

How often does your company have to re-adjust piles/piers, what is their failure rate?

Out of all the questions to ask, this can be as significant as any regarding licensing. You should expect to hear less than a percent, barring uncontrollable circumstances. A foundation company that has to repeatedly replace or repair their own work does use the highest quality materials or employ the most skilled workers. When it comes to something as significant as your home, you want the same level of excellence as you would expect from a doctor or mechanic. To find out more about what kind of company to look for click here.

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