Ensure Excellent Stopping Power With Quality Brakes Repair Service in Indianapolis IN

The brakes on a car or truck are arguably its most important feature because, without properly functioning brakes, the vehicle won’t stop correctly. Even worse, worn or failing brakes could result in loss of control and the possibility of collision. These types of driving hazards can be avoided with expert brakes repair service in Indianapolis IN. This type of service may involve the replacement of brake pads on the front of the vehicle or brake shoes, for those vehicles that use them, on the rear axle. Other areas of the braking system that may need service or repair are the master cylinder, brake calipers, or brake wheel cylinders.

Due to the laws of physics and the way that automobiles are designed, the primary braking force is on the front wheels of the vehicle. This is one reason why disc brakes became so popular. They are the perfect option to apply the required braking force and stop a moving vehicle. Disc brakes work by floating a brake pad on either side of the wheel rotor. When the driver presses the brake pedal, the pressure forces the brake fluid to push the caliper or wheel cylinder pistons against the brake. In the case of pads, the caliper pushes against one pad which forces both pads against the rotor. Unfortunately, this continued friction causes the pad or drum to wear and the vehicle to need brakes repair service in Indianapolis IN.

Even the best driver needs help, which is why brake repairs are so important. This can be especially true when the vehicle has the braking assist or similar features. These are options that provide better control when the vehicle begins to skid or otherwise lose control. For example, one feature pulses the brake so that the wheel doesn’t lock up and force the vehicle to slide. This is a useful tool in cold and icy conditions that could keep the driver out of a ditch or away from other vehicles. Other brake enhancements include vacuum assist, which is useful for reducing the force required to push the pedal. This technique uses vacuum from the engine and a vacuum container attached behind the master cylinder. To learn more about brake repair, contact the experts at Pete’s Service Center.

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