What Does It Mean to Go With a Green Janitorial Company in San Jose?

In today’s environment, going green has several benefits to you and your company. Not only can it help reduce your contribution to local and global pollution levels, it can also help you save money in the long run. Being a green or LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified company can also be a major selling point of your services, and in turn increase your customer base.

How Is LEED Certification Scored?

There are five key points, or categories, in which a company’s building is scored.

  *  Sustainability of the Site, 14 possible points
  *  Water Efficiency, 5 possible points
  *  Atmosphere and Energy, 17 possible points
  *  Resources and Materials Used, 13 possible points
  *  Quality of the Indoor Environmental, 13 possible points
  *  Best possible Score: 69, minimal for certification: 26-32.

There is a sixth category that can also contribute points towards the other scores; it is called “Design and Innovation”. If a company exceeds the normal point score in the previous categories, or implements a unique design concept into their building that demonstrates going above and beyond expectations, then they can be awarded up to 5 extra points.

How a Janitorial Company Can Help

Using a qualified green janitorial company in San Jose can help in two different ways; they can help you get your building ready for LEED certification and they can help you maintain the standards for it. With the right service you can get you building in shape to the point you are at least baseline certifiable for a LEED certificate. Cleaning with the right materials along can get you 12 points. Using a service that specializes in LEED certified cleaning can easily help you get your building all the way to certification.

Additional Benefits of Going Green

In addition to previously mentioned benefits, LEED certification is something that is recognized on a worldwide scale. Not only will local customers and business recognize and understand your company’s accomplishment, internal customers and business relations will as well. It is also a certification whose standards are kept up to date, which means that maintaining it is not merely a matter of meeting outdated standards, but keeping your company actively environmentally conscious. It is this every evolving set of requirements that merits LEED certification its worldwide recognition and respect among consumers and fellow businesses.

If you are looking to get LEED certified and need a quality Green janitorial company in the San Jose area to help you with this, contact Maintenance Systems Management Incorporated (MSM INC.) today.

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