Questions For Exterminators In Fairfield County, CT

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Pest Control

When you have a pest problem that’s out of control, you’ll need to call exterminators in Fairfield County CT to get rid of the pests once and for all. Once common pests invade your home, they multiply quickly and can be difficult to get rid of.

Q.) I think I may have a termite infestation, but how can I tell for sure?
A.) Signs of a termite infestation include sightings of small swarming bugs, cracked paint on wood and tubes of mud on your walls or house foundation. If you suspect that your house is infested with termites, call a professional for a home inspection.

Q.) I’ve got cockroaches in my house and I’ve tried several methods to get rid of them. Am I just wasting my time and money on home remedies?
A.) Cockroaches can be hard to get rid of once they infest your home. These pests multiply quickly and it doesn’t take long before they take over your house. Home remedies aren’t usually effective, especially if there are large numbers of roaches in your home. The only way that you can completely get rid of the cockroaches is to call a professional exterminator.

Q.) The ants are totally taking over my kitchen. When think that I’ve gotten rid of them, they come back. What can be done about my ant problem?
A.) An ant colony can contain thousands of ants and once an ant finds a food source, more ants will follow. Unless the colonies are found and destroyed, you’ll continue having ants in your kitchen. An exterminator can find the ant colonies and take them out, which will solve your problem.

Q.) I need an exterminator, but I have inside pets and I’m afraid the chemicals will make my animals sick. Is there another solution so my pets will be safe?
A.) Many pest control services use environmentally friendly organic pest solutions that will not harm humans or pets. When speaking to Exterminators in Fairfield County, CT about your pest problem, ask about their pest control products that are safe.

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