Plan Your Next Business Meeting at a Boutique Hotel

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Hotels

If you’re looking for a unique location for your next important business meeting, consider the options offered by boutique hotels in Manhattan. The design of boutique hotels is meant to capture a particular type of essence, and your important clients are sure to be inspired when you host a meeting in a hotel lavishly designed to impress. There are many benefits to hosting a business meeting at a boutique hotel, and you may find that your company enjoys all of the attention you’ll get when booking a meeting with a local hotel.

All Technology Needs Are Met

If you need to host a presentation, the hotel will have the necessary connections and computer speeds needed to effectively run a variety of different presentations. You can run a presentation from a flash drive, a laptop, or any other device that your business uses. Boutique hotels in Manhattan can provide seating for just a few of your most important clients, or host more than 50 industry professionals. The hotel will also provide pens, paper, telephone access, and sparkling drinking water for your meeting.

Catered Meals

One huge benefit of hosting business meetings at professional boutique hotels in Manhattan area is the option for catered meals. Instead of having to leave and return to the hotel for lunch or dinner, the chef and cooking staff can provide excellent choices for serving lunch, dinner, or snacks at your meeting. The price is per person, and it often includes an appetizer, salad, meal, dessert, and drinks. This is the perfect option for a meeting that’s going well and no one wants to stop to find a place to eat. The hotel can bring in the food while you continue to work, making a catered meal both convenient and cost-effective.

Boutique Hotels Are Centrally Located

If your business meeting is for clients from different locations, using boutique hotels in Manhattan provides you with a central location for everyone to meet. This makes it easier for travelers who may not know their way around New York City. Car services are familiar with centralized locations, so it will be easy for a chauffeured car to quickly find the hotel and get your clients to the meeting. Hotels aren’t just for a comfortable place to sleep. The variety of services offered makes boutique hotels the perfect choice for business professionals.

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