Quality Titanium Finishing – Process and Results

For a long time, industry leaders have used quality finishing of all types, including blasting, powder coating, chrome plating, straightening, grinding, degreasing, cleaning, and more. All kinds of vibratory and high energy finishing are available, but centrifugal barrel finishing (CBF) is very popular among the medical, dental, weaponry, and aerospace industries, among others.

Centrifugal Barrel Finishing
This process is often compared to a Ferris wheel because it involves four barrels mounted on the exterior of one frame. The barrels rotate in the opposite direction of the main frame, which causes the resulting G-force to create a thorough, even, and predictable finish.

CBF is the most reliable method of creating a smooth finish since it allows for a great deal of control, and only CBF allows an operator to manipulate the recipe and frequency. Titanium is one of several different materials commonly used for CBF. High-quality titanium finishing is very important since rough and uneven finishes can lead to severe damage and a shortened lifespan in the machine over the long term.

How Does Vibratory Finishing Work?
Vibratory finishing is used in a vast Variety of Finishing Procedures, including metal deburring, radius, descaling, burnishing, cleaning, and brightening small parts in large numbers. In particular, it is useful for deburring because it allows the whole load to move as one, rather than in separate parts. It also allows for a very customizable finish.

When working on a titanium finishing procedure, skilled and individual machine operators work to find the ideal frequency to ensure the most even finish imaginable. Results are always satisfactory due to the high level of freedom and control that vibratory finishing allows.

Hiring Professional Operators
Before you embark on your titanium finishing project, be sure to find the right company that fits your needs. Most professional finishing and deburring experts use the most cutting edge, up-to-date, and certified procedures to ensure the best results. If you require vibratory finishing services, don’t hesitate to ask questions and make sure that the operators have found the best frequency for your specific needs.

CBF and vibratory finishing allow for very thorough results and have extended the lifespans of many machines in the medical, dental, military, and aerospace fields. If you need titanium finishing or deburring services, consider how many clients have been satisfied with the results of vibratory finishing.

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