Do Your Research When You Need Chrome Plating In Connecticut

If you live in or around Connecticut and you need plating work completed, specifically hard chrome or industrial chrome, it is very important to do your research on the various companies.

As in any type of industrial process, there are companies that have the expertise and experience to get a chrome plating job done, and there are those that offer to do the work but don’t really have the ability to do the job right.

Taking the time to make sure you are working with the first type of company and not the latter is essential. Spending time online, asking around, getting referrals and then following up with the company itself will help you to learn more about your options and what factors you need to focus in on for your job.

Chrome vs. Hard Chrome
For startup companies and new businesses manufacturing or fabricating products, it is important to find a plating service that offers the specific plating you need. If the plating is just for decorative value, and to protect a surface from rust or corrosion, a standard chrome plating service may be all that is required.

On the other hand, if you are plating the component to protect from wear, to enhance the movement of the component against other components such as pistons, rods or rollers or if you want to protect against significant corrosion, a hard chrome plating service will be required.

Industrial plating is thicker and more durable than decorative plating. It is also a specialized type of process that allows for standards for military, defense and medical or OEM manufacturers’ requirements. These standards require very tight tolerances, which means the plating is applied exactly as indicated in the standard, making all parts identical regardless of the plating service or the manufacturer.

Options for Orders
Companies that offer plating services often have requirements for minimum orders. Some companies may also be willing to take on small to large production runs, prototype development and also provide a range of finishing and pre-plating services.

By learning about the different services offered through various companies in and around Connecticut, it is easy to see which plating company is the best for your needs. Remember also to ask about customer satisfaction and options for short turnaround times or regular orders; both may be essential to understand before you enter into a working agreement with the plating company.

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