How to Choose the Right Oncology Physicians

by | May 12, 2016 | Cancer Treatment Center

To choose the best Oncology Physicians, one must choose a doctor who is board certified in oncology. Seek advice from your doctor as well as other cancer patients. A doctor who is covered by your insurance plan is the best option but is not always available. Financial arrangements often can be solved, but it is more important to choose an experienced oncologist who listens to their patient’s concerns and takes the time to explain treatment options. Oncology specialists are responsible for the care of a patient during cancer treatment.

There are a variety of sub-specialties within the field of oncology. Keep in mind that some people suffering from cancer can see a specialist once while others may require several visits. To choose the best Oncology Physicians, it helps when people understand the work function of each. Surgical oncology specialists are responsible for the surgical removal of malignant tumors. Most oncologists surgeons complete a residency in general surgery.

Some surgical oncologists choose to complete additional training. There are several university hospitals in the United States that offer scholarships in oncological surgery. After completing a fellowship, a surgical oncologist is recognized by the Society of Surgical Oncology. There are oncologists specializing in the management and treatment of chemotherapy too. He or she often oversees much of the patient’s care. A radiation oncologist is responsible for administering radiation treatments to a cancer patient.

Some surgical oncology doctors specialize in certain parts of the body. A gynecologic oncologist treats tumors found in the female reproductive tract. Neuro-oncology specialists treat cancers found in the nervous system or brain. A urologic oncologist treats tumors found in the prostate, bladder and kidneys. Once a cancer diagnosis is made, the attending physician typically makes recommendations and references for the patient. While this may be useful, it is important not to give them full control of your health care.

In the United States, a certified oncologist has completed the training needed and passed a written examination in their particular specialty. Also, ask the doctor how much experience he or she has treating your particular type of cancer. If you are diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of cancer, ask for recommendations from a comprehensive cancer center or teaching hospital. Contact Cancer Center of Kansas to learn more.

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