Why Quartz Countertops in MN Are a Great Choice

Unlike in the past, quartz countertops are no longer bland. Homeowners can find them in a great variety of colors, ranging from fire engine red to Christmas green. They are extremely durable and never need to be sealed. Manufacturers make these countertops by grinding natural quartz and then combining the fragments with a small amount of resin. If a particular color of quartz countertop is desired, then pigment is added to make the desired color before it is cut as a solid slab.

Installation is Fast

Since these countertops come in large slabs, typically 60 inches by 120 inches, they can be installed incredibly quickly. The only problem that many homeowners have is that these countertops can be extremely heavy. Therefore, it is often best to use a professional or make sure that you have plenty of help on hand. If one piece is not big enough to finish the job, then the pieces seam together without being noticeable. Manufacturers add resin so that the material is easy to bend to incorporate sinks. This product is so flexible that it can even be cut to use as tile on the floor or be attached to the wall. Installation can usually be accomplished in just a few hours.

Upkeep is Easy

Many other types of countertops must be sealed on a regular basis, meaning that the kitchen is inaccessible for a few hours or a few days. Quartz countertops never need to be sealed. Therefore, they cost nothing in upkeep. They are incredibly easy to clean with just soap and water. Stains cannot penetrate the surface, and they will not absorb odor-causing bacteria that can make your family sick. Additionally, thanks to the special properties of the countertops, they will not allow mold or mildew to grow on them.

Heat and Scratch Resistant

Generally, quartz countertops handle the heat of the kitchen better than many alternatives on the market. However, the homeowner will not want to set a hot pan down on them and leave it to cool, as these countertops will crack with changes in temperatures. It is the best policy to use a hot pad or trivet. These countertops are also scratch resistant, allowing the homeowner to enjoy their beauty for years to come.

There is just no doubt about it. Quartz countertops in MN are a wonderful choice, whether you are remodeling a kitchen or designing a new one. Their flexibility allows homeowners to use them in many different ways. Since they are available in so many different colors, one is sure to be right for your kitchen. The final decision, of course, is to get your countertops from a reputable dealer.

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